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I like DIY Christmas Crafts project. Christmas is the season that I love it so much. I would like Christmas will become whole year. Handmade Christamas decorations give your home a special feeling.

Also, There are too many Christmas Crafts. For example, for christmas tree decoration, windows, Doors, fireplace… Finally, in this season we are going to need many Christmas decorations for our home.

Additionaly, following Christmas handcrafts you will save some of money because Lot of them are made with recycled materials. Enjoy next Christmas Crafts!

Easy Christmas Handcrafts

Always I make crafts try to do it easy as possible, that is my philosophy for my do it yourself projects. Also, they have to be easy to make because we will have to make a lot of of them. For example, next miniature zen garden will be perfect to decorate and relax.

This miniatura Zen Garden is componed with all typical christmas decorations like Christmas tree, sled, Garland, christmas Gifts, shovel, Snow, candy cano and Ginger home. Materials used in this project are easy to find at some craft store. Look at Christmas Zen Garden.

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Recycled Christmas Crafts

Recycled Christmas Crafts are cheaper option to decorate your Home or store. Also, you save Lot of money and you can customize as you like it according your home decoration preference. Christmas is synonym to magic, for this reason we should prepare our tree and fireplace for Santa Claus came. You can start making awesome christmas wreath made with roll papers. It will be look spectacular above your fireplace.

By other hand, typical christmas handcrafts are trees. Look at next DIY made with paper rolls, disposable spoons. As you see, you could make unique christmas trees.

Decoration and garlands are made with recycled materials as well. This time I used tetrabrick lids, juice and milk boxes. Besides that, I made christmas lights reusing diaposable head spoon. Gifts are made from cork lined with christmas paper. To end this idea I did felt flowers with glitter decoration.

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More christmas decoration ideas following. It is recycled christmas tree made with cardboard, magazine paper, sticks, lids and plastic bottle.

If you like it, you can watch our video step by step how to make recycled christmas tree.

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Also, you can make your own fireplace with recycled materials. In this way, Santa Claus should give you a lot of gifts.

Using bottles lids you will be able to make unique and awesome gifts. Additonally, you can insert christmas lights. At night, they looks so cute. End your fireplace decoration with these cute reindeer and santa claus placed over garland.

Other recycled material used is booth paste box. You can build a spectacular christmas tree. It will be a modern christmas decoration. You place it inside the cardboard fireplace.

Look at our DIY Christmas Project.

Handmade Christmas Trees

For these ideas you will need hot glue and nail and nail polish.

Foamy Christmas Crafts

Manipulate Foamy planch is super easy. Similar to felt you can make a Lot of DIYs. It is sold in multiple colors allowing to make incredible christmas and decorations crafts.

For example, this idea is inspired from typical christmas village. It include freezed lake, snowed windows, candy canes, wreaths or mini christmas trees.

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Felt Christmas Handcrafts

Christmas Crafts made with felt are very easy to build. Felt is easy to cut it and you can find in very assorted colors, it helps to create any christmas decoration. For example, you can make a napkin ring to decorate your table.

Next idea is traditional poinsettia plants made with felt. Additionally, I did candles using paper rolls and washing powder. They have melted wax effect.

On the other hand, I did set of coaster and tablemat using felt in christmas colors. They are protected with plastic to avoid liquids damage them.

If you love chocolate house this idea is for you. It is made with felt.

Other classic decoration is a christmas train.

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Christmas Stockings are super Easy to make with felt or fleece. Look at these handmade ideas.

Also, you can make decorations for sofa or armchairs. They are snowman and Santa Claus made with fleece and fabrics.

Handmade Christmas decorations

You could make your own christmas balls like this. It is a cute reindeer made with felt and fabric. I used old socks.

More christmas tree decorations. They are smalls bags decorated using crochet technique. They are filled with foam and drawings are typical for christmas like, candles, flowers, Santa Claus.

Other important decoration is the table. Next ideas are decorated eggs using patchwork without needle. Is super easy and you can make a lot of different designs.

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Also, you can make christmas balls with porexpan, fabrics, belts and glue.

How to make a ginger house

Ginger house is traditional craft to make. You can find a lot of kits on grocery store or use ingredients easy to get in our kitchen. Basically, you will need cookies to build the structure and chocolate as glue. For decorations use some candies.

If you want to make someone watch our video how to make ginger christmas house.

How to make a reindeer

Reindeers are Santa Claus helpers in Christmas night. Look at this easy idea with cardboard, wool and felt.

Watch all details to make a DIY reindeer

If you are skillful with fabric these camels are so so cute. I love them!

Another kind of reindeer is the next. It is made with felt, fleece and foam to fill it.

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Christmas Handmade Cards

Praise christmas with cute handmade cards. They are 3D cards super easy and quick to make them.

For more details and how to make them watch our video 3D Christmas Cards.

To finish, always is useful to have an album to save all Christmas Memories

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