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Hellooooo!  It is very important to take care our love relationship… giving a handmade card is a good way to make Love grow.  I designed an amazing idea to you: a card with a shape like camera.  In the camera you can write beautiful messages and and draw cute drawings to say I am crazy for you 💜, I love you, you have my heart, together forever, and so on.  When you turn the sticks appear the messages. Look the video:

If you want to do this camera you need to prepare these materials:


💘 Cardstock

💘 Glue

💘 Hot glue

💘 Markers

💘 Stick

💘 Template, download here: template

💘 Valentin`s Day Sticker, download here: stickers

More details:






I hope you loved this camera, see you in the next ideas.