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unicorn school supplies
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The unicorn crafts are one of my favorites DIY because they are so colorful and have cool shapes. I love create unicorn crafts of school supplies and other ideas for back to school. Additionally, I create videos step by step for that you can do it. You will find ideas such as how to make a unicorn pen or decorate notebooks with unicorns. By other hand, unicorn crafts are so easy to make because you only will need materials like EVA Foam or Foami or cardboard but the best of all is that you will be able to make any of these unicorn crafts very easy because I will give you patterns or templates to download, what do you think?? Now, let’s start with our unicorn ideas.

Unicorn Pencil Case

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This craft step by step is about unicorn pencil case made of EVA Foam or foami. It has the shape of unicorn face where you can store all your school supplies. Inside I made different compartments with semicircle shape using paper roll and EVA Foam. All the materials, templates and the step by step you can see it in 5 DIY UNICORN School Supplies.

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How to make Unicorn Pencil Case

In this craft you can store all your school supplies using a box of Pringles as main material to make it. Check out our step-by-step video on how to make a unicorn pencil case.

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Unicorn School Supplies

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If you like all about unicorns you can not miss these school supplies for the next back to school. Make your own eraser, pencil or notebook and decorate it using the unicorn style.

Unicorn Pencil

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Cute and tender unicorn pencil to carry in your pencil case. It is made using chenille or unicorn colored pipe cleaners and for the upper decoration we used Goma Eva to make a unicorn figurine.

Unicorn Eraser

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After the pencil you can not stop making this beautiful eraser in unicorn colors to complement your pencil case. It is made using an empty lipstick.

Rainbow Unicorn Notebook

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Following with more school supplies, here we have this beautiful notebook decorated with a rainbow of unicorn. This is a super easy craft to make with Goma Eva or foam rainbow colors unicorn.

How to decorate notebook with unicorns

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Decorating unicorn notebooks will give a very colorful to your school supplies in next back to school. In this tutorial we have used a notebook which we have added decoration with chenilles of colors combining them in a way that will remain as rainbows. I love it because I think it looks super cool!

Also, you can decorate your notebook using our and create a beautiful notebook. This can be a good idea to make unicorn crafts to gift to special person. Look that the spiral is made in the colors of the rainbow using hair elastics. If you want to see how it is done you can watch our video of DIY unicorn school supplies.

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Unicorn Kawaii Crafts

The unicorn handicrafts and kawaii world are very linked so here we give you some ideas to decorate for you or give to a friend. Make your ballpen and pencil sharpener kawaii unicorn style.

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And that is all we came with these beautiful unicorn crafts. We hope you like them and you encourage them to do them all!

Videos step by step of Unicorn Crafts

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In case you still have some doubts about how to make pencil cases and unicorn school supplies I leave you some videos step by step so you have all details.

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Other Unicorn Ideas

5 DIY Unicorn School Supplies

5 Unicorn School Supplies