5 DIY Emoji School Supplies

We bring you 5 funny DIY School Supplies made in rubber EVA or foamy. With this step by step you can design your own folding case, pencils, eraser, sharpener and interchangeable notebook in a simple and original way.

In our video we explain it step by step:

FIRST IDEA: Foldable Case
The materials you need are:

  • Hard cardboard: gray cardboard or binding board.
  • Thin cardboard like that of cereal boxes.
  • Hot silicone
  • Rubber EVA or foamy
  • 2 pushpin
  • A thin stick or skewer stick
  • Markers
  • The Pattern of the case you can download it by clicking here
  • You can download the emoji patterns by clicking here

For the structure you need 4 equal pieces of hard cardboard, which you can cut with the pattern or making 3 circles followed by 8 cm and 4 arcs in between these. You must paint these pieces on one side completely and on the other just by the edge.


With two of the previous pieces, build the drawers: for this, cut 2 cm strips in the thin cardboard and pour them with EVA rubber. You must paste them by the edge to make divisions.

When you have the drawers ready, put them on top of each other and cut out a piece of 2cm hard cardboard by the height of the two drawers together

With the other two pieces that you left initially and the previous 2cm, you are going to build the outside of the case. You can cover everything with same color, but we have decided to make the upper part in 3 colors, so that one of the pieces is completely lined. Then follow the small piece and just one end of the other piece.

Then we have stuck two pieces in pink and blue color. Keep in mind that loose ends should remain unlined for now.


Place the drawers inside and you should see it this way:

For the drop-down system, open a hole through all the pieces in a linear fashion. Place a thumbtack on one end of the stick and start to fit all the pieces on the stick …


In between you must make a roll and stick it only to the drawer. The stick must be free so that it can turn. Finally cut the excess, ensures putting the other thumbtack to the stick. Put silicone to fix it. Finally you end lining.

Here you have a super nice and practical case to carry your school supplies… Now, we want to decorate it in a fun way…

Cut out rubber EVA in different shapes to make the faces. You blur them by the edges with the markers and stick them to several yellow circles of 8cm

Get organized, have fun and surprise your companion with this case…

The materials you need are:

  • Pencils to decorate
  • Paints or nail polishes
  • Rubber EVA or foamy
  • Markers
  • Hot silicone

For this idea, you should cut strips of the thickness of your pencil and make with these rolls of 3cm in diameter. Also, you should cut 2 circles which will be approximately 3 cm in diameter.


Cut a hole the size of the pencil thickness halfway and line on both sides


In this way you will have a hole in between. Perfect to put the pencil…
To make a face that fits completely in the pencil, you just have to do the previous steps, only this time you must cut from end to end to form a tunnel.

With the faces finished, use the marker to blur all the edges. You can blur with your finger or with a piece of eva rubber like the ones that were left over previously when opening the holes for the pencil.


Finish painting and decorating your favorite face…

Put them on the pencil. We used white nail polish to make the eyes.

Finally, we add other details. You have finished these cute and funny pencils, ready to take to classes


THIRD IDEA: Pencil sharpener
The materials you need are:

  • Sharpener you want to decorate
  • Rubber EVA or foamy
  • Markers
  • Hot silicone

It is super simple, you just have to make a roll of the thickness of the pencil sharpener leaving the last lap without stick. Make the hole for the pencil sharpener and finish rolling.


Blend, decorate and paint with your favorite face as we did in the previous idea. You will have a fantastic pencil sharpener to make your study days more fun.

FOURTH IDEA: Hidden eraser
The materials you need are:

  • The eraser you want to decorate
  • Rubber eva or foamy
  • Markers
  • Hot silicone

It is the same as in the previous ideas. You make two rolls and four circles of EVA rubber. Also, give a thin and pointed shape to your eraser by cutting it with a cutter.

Cut the eraser hole so that it enters both rolls


Line the rolls on both sides. You decorate that you like and you draw your favorite face… so you will leave someone in love with your eraser.

FIFTH IDEA: Notebook

It has face exchange. For example according to your feelings or mood. You can also add a nice message every day with its erasable tag.
The materials you need are:

  • Notebook you want to decorate
  • Paintings
  • A piece of acetate
  • A sheet of paper
  • Rubber EVA or foamy
  • Markers
  • Hot silicone
  • You can download the emoji patterns by clicking here

Cut out a 9cm circle on top of the notebook and at the bottom draw a line at 6cm

Paint and decorate how you like it. You should only leave a small rectangle in the bottom of white for the table of notes

For faces, you cut out circles of 9cm in diameter. You cut out a frame larger than the circles of the faces


You blur with markers as we did in the previous ideas. Stick the pieces to each face. You can create all you want.


Place the frame on the circle of the notebook’s cover. Also, you add a piece of acetate or transparent sheet to the white rectangle that we left and attach a frame.

On the back, you stick a piece of paper on three sides to build a pocket.

Write a nice message every day with a permanent marker and every night erase it with a little alcohol. Next day, you wake up with new thought and write it again.

You already have a amazing notebook because you can change it every day: if you are happy you can place a happy face or if for some reason you are sad or angry you place your face for these feelings.

We hope these school supplies you like and you encourage yourself to do them. Until next idea.

Have a nice DIY!