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Desktop ORGANIZER made with cardboard

We show you how to make an organizer for your desk where you can organize your study or work tools, save your sheets, your notebooks, paper clips, glue, punch, markers and many other things. Also, you have an erasable board for quick notes and another cork to paste small papers.

In our video you can see how to make it step by step:

The materials you need are:

  • Cardboard box. The important thing here is that it is not too soft. Cardboard used in our tutorial was given to us in a food store but you can find it in many stores that throw away this precious material and you help the environment.
  • White glue (remember to spread it very well with a roller or with a brush).
  • Hot silicone
  • Cork. It is the typical one used for note boards.
  • Velcro (you get it in stores where they sell buttons, zippers and other accessories to make clothes and also in craft stores).
  • Cardboards of the colors of your preference
  • Paper tape but you can also replace it with a decorative ribbon you have or with paper strips.
  • Acetate or a smooth plastic sheet.
  • Post.its
  • Whiteboard marker
  • 8 rolls of toilet paper
  • PRINTED PAPER: You can DOWNLOAD it by clicking HERE


Although it seems to take a lot of work we confess that in general the same procedure of cutting and lining each of the pieces is repeated, it varies later at the time of assembly and placing some accessories, so we hope you will do yours.

The first is to cut the pieces of cardboard in the following measures:

The pieces that go vertical position:

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 0.58.49

Width of the base you must measure the thickness of the 7 previous pieces, we do not give you a measurement because the thickness of the cartons can vary, so you must calculate the measure in this way:

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 0.59.49
Back piece:
Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 13.07.04
Base piece:
Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 13.05.41

  • Horizontal pieces have these measurements:

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 1.05.30

  • The drawers which go in the first compartment on the left you should be calculated with the width and depth of the hole that you have left, we do not give you an exact measurement because it can vary. The one that goes in the bottom only needs two pieces because it will be stuck in the structure of the organizer. The drawer that goes up must be lined by front and back. Also you will line a side and the base because it will be pasted in the door.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 1.09.59

  • You can add divisions to better organize your little things.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 1.19.22

  • In the second compartment where the leaves will go you must also measure the width of the hole that you have left and place it 14cm high. In the last compartment of the right equally but you must measure a height of 20cm.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 1.13.30

Then, you have to line all the pieces by the edges using tape which are going to be seen. In our case we used paper tape and then we paint it. Although if you have a decorative ribbon you can use it or paper strips and thus avoid painting the edges.

12After, you cover the faces that are going to be seen with cardboard or decorative paper of your liking, you can cut by letting see the edges.13

With all the pieces cut and lined, continue to assemble them and finish completing each section or compartment. For example, in the door on the left side you can create an erasable board with an acetate and paste the board marker on the side using a piece of Velcro and have it at hand. THE SECRET so that the velcro is not released is that it should not be very small and all the tips should be very well pasted with the silicone, so they will not loose easily.

Here you have a place to put your glues, paints and other vials with little things.
Also you have a space to store your folders or sheets. You can add paper divisions to better classify the information.


And for the stapler, tape, punch, mobile and other practical tools you have this space to place them. Also below another site where to put your notebooks or your tablet.

For those markers that it is better to keep lying down so they do not get damaged or other long objects you have these circular divisions.

In addition, to drawers that you can divide to your liking and need to put more and more things

Last compartment you can open it to hang markers and basic study or work tools.

The system with which the school tools are pasted is very practical it based on VELCRO system. You place piece of velcro in your school supplies. It helps to hold on the organizer.

10Last, the cork is needed in any organizer. You have your important notes always in sight.

11We hope you liked this idea, it is useful for you and you are encouraged to make it. You put your desk in order.

Until next idea. Have a nice DIY!