DIY Folder Organizer – Back to school

We show you how to make an organizing folder where you can carry out your notebook, paper sheets, sticky notes, your mobile, your pens, colors, markers, other study or work tools, as well as practical systems to have it at the hand your pencils, a place to write quick notes, an erasable mini board and other super practical ideas for your work. All in one place … this great organizing folder. We show you how to do a Steps in our video:


  • 1.5mm Binding cardboard (gray cardboard)
  • Fine cardboard like that of cereal boxes or cookies.
  • Transparent tape
  • Decorative tape or paper strips
  • Glue
  • Hot silicone
  • Cardboard or colored papers
  • Clips
  • Foam, foamy or EVA
  • Velcro
  • Post its
  • Stamped papers, you can download them by clicking here (download decorative papers)

With this organizing folder you can take to school all supplies in one place, we hope you like it.

Look at how many useful ideas you can find in this section: Mini post its to have your notes at hand, a notebook, a pen…

Also, you can find clips for do not lose your little notes, a mobile carrier so you can work quietly with him, an erasable blackboard…

Cascaded pockets to keep notes and cards. Bring your pending activities always in sight…

When you open other below section, you will have two practical systems to carry your school supplies:

This first system allows you to assemble a pencil holder quickly and thus to have all your tools at hand while you study or work… it is super practical

Another system is a small drawer that works as a case but integrated into your folder. Ideal to carry smaller things in an orderly manner…

Also, this folder has sections with pocket to store documents …

You can also print this glider to organize your weekly activities…

In the back you have a pocket for storing papers and letter-sized documents. Additionally, you have other for small papers.

We hope this idea you like and you encourage to do it…

Until next idea… Have a nice day!