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Father’s Day crafts for Toddlers

Daddys day crafts

Father’s Day is near and you don’t have a gift yet? If you are thinking handmade gift this is right place. We have the best easy ideas to make to daddy. You will can enjoy with your toddlers.

Father’s Day handmade Cards

Cards are the classic gift to make in this day. You can do it as a complement of another gift and also you can give it like unique present. With this card you could hide nice message for daddy. It has a small opening which turn to simulate a hand writing and erasing the text.

Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

For this activity we used Foam Clay. It is moldable and very light. Furthermore, this kind of clay is open air dried. In my opinion, it is the best clay to work with children. We would want to link the super hero idea with fathers and the result was a notebook with pencil.

Crafts for Babies

If you want to surprise fathers with the best gift this idea you love it. It consists of shapes of hand and foot our baby. Daddy will never imagine that his baby will give a unique present. It will be a handmade memory for life. If you are interested in this DIY you will find all materials and how to in our video tutorial step by step, LINK 👉 Unique Gift for Daddy

Father’s Day Crafts for Kindergarten

Children are happy creating new things using glue, scissors and cardboard. Next activity is perfect for kindergarten because is super easy to make. Also, it will be a special gift for daddy in his day. This DIY for children is a cardboard calendar. Furthermore, it could be a opportunity to teach the importance to recycle. Look how it is made 👉 Crafts for Kids

Other Father’s Crafts Ideas

Finally, we want to show last 2 crafts ideas to make with kids. First of them, is made from recycled materials that you will find easily. It is a pencil pot with super hero shape. At behind part you will have a space for writing nice message for fathers day.

Second DIY is a super easy slide card. It is made with paper and colorful cardboards. Take advantage to say that I have the best daddy of the world and give him this particular prize.

When is Father’s Day in …?

Although is a special day that is celebrated around the world, the date is different depending on the country. Following I write you some of them:

  • United States / USA 👉 June 16
  • Canada 👉 June 16
  • United Kingdom / UK 👉 June 16
  • Australia 👉 September 1
  • Ireland 👉 June 16
  • India 👉 June 16
  • Japan 👉 June 16
  • Germany 👉 May 30
  • France 👉 June 16
  • Italy 👉 March 19
  • Belgium 👉 June 9
  • Austria 👉 June 9
  • Russia 👉 February 23