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Giant ORGANIZER Rubik’s cube

In today’s post we bring you an organizer to give as a gift on Father’s Day. We wanted to surprise and at the same time make something original. It occurred to us that we could make a giant Rubik’s cube where we could store the typical things of a desk so that when it was closed it would have an original look to the desk and we do not see the typical pens, pencils, post-it and other school supplies.

Do not miss out as you do in the next step-by-step:

The materials you need are:

  • Recycled cardboard of cardboard boxes
  • Rolls of toilet paper
  • Color papers
  • Glue
  • Masking tape
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paint
  • Download the template by clicking here.

Prepare the cardboard, you cut them out

Now, you cut down the diagonal

Paste the cardboard to form the two pieces

Line the edges with masking tape.

Paint the toilet paper tubes and the two pieces as well.

Create the divisions as you want. Then, you paint them in colors

Join the two pieces with a strip of black cardboard as a hinge.

Paste the colored squares randomly

The final result will be awesome

We hope you liked the idea. We encourage doing it to give it to someone special.

Until next idea. Have a nice DIY!