How to make Folder Organizer 2019

handmade folder organizer

You are welcome you back to a new folder organizer tutorial. This time we have designed a folder organizer which you can store some school supplies you will need when using your notebook. The decoration is inspired by flames and cactus from the Kawaii world. I’m sure you’ll love this notebook shaped like an diy folder organizer.

Video How To Make a DIY Folder Organizer

Materials to Make your Handmade Folder Organizer

  • Binding cardboard
  • Colored cards
  • Eva or Foami rubber in various colours
  • School glue or white glue
  • Hot silicone
  • Tape or washi tape
  • Magnets
  • Notebook
  • Templates and Decorations

Elaboration of School Folder Organizer

We begin preparing all pieces of cardboard. I recommend you that you cut them everything at once, it will help you to streamline the process. You can find the measurements inside the step-by-step video I left you a little higher up.

Notebook Structure

Once you have all pieces to make the notebook next step will be to join them to build the structure and compartments. For this step we have used Washi Tape with a color that matches with later decoration.

Pay attention in this notebook will have two heights. One of them will be where we will place some drawers to keep the school supplies. On the other height will be used for notebooks that we will also decorate with llamas and cactus.

For the compartments of the drawers we will finish gluing the structure.

Lining the covers

Then, we finish lining all the covers. For this task we will use coloured paper which we will paste with white glue. If the paper is bigger than covers we will have to cut it out so that the edge is covered with the washi tape.

For drawers we will repeat the same process with the colours we like the most.

The piece that we have previously made for the secret compartments will be painted white and glued to the covers using hot silicone.

Finally, we will create all internal divisions and place some magnets that will hold the drawers to our notebook.

Notebook decorations

In this stage we will give a personal touch to our entire school book. First, we will prepare the space for the notebook. Then, we will glue two pieces of paper inside cover. We will leave the widest one hollow in the middle and only we glue the upper and lower edges. The narrower strip of paper stick it in completely and add a decoration.

Place some pieces of Eva Rubber or Foam on the top to hold the pencil. In the central cover we are going to add some mini tweezers to place our notes or reminders over there. At the bottom we will create a mini erasable whiteboard by cutting out a piece of the typical plastic file dividers. Inside we will insert a white paper and then we will fix it to the central cover.

To finish the decoration on this side of the cover we will cut out the decorative pieces from the downloadable patterns and glue them with school glue.

We start with the other part of the folder organizer. First, we’re going to make colored paper dividers for the notebook. To make them simply measure the size of the sheet including the ring part. Cut out rectangles with that shape and make holes on the edge. And to be able to put them in the notebook make a small cut perpendicular to the edge in each of the holes. And since you probably didn’t get it clear, it’s best to see it in the following images.

On the other side of the cover we will leave a part for post-it stickers and we will create a secret pocket for notes and to keep some tickets or messages from your classmates.

The pocket is going to be made in the following way. Cut out a rectangle of paper in the color you like best. Remember, for the measurements take a look at the step-by-step video organizer folder that I left you above. This rectangle will be divided into three equal parts. You will fold the longest part into the rectangle and paste only the edges. The goal is to have mini side pockets where you can put notes, photos, or whatever.

Now it folds like an accordion. Repeat the same process because we will need two equal pieces.

For the secret pocket, cut out a piece of paper or cardboard in the colour of your choice and shape it into an envelope. Apply some glue on the edges to prevent it from coming apart. Then, we are going to glue the three pieces (accordions plus the envelope) on a piece of paper that will wrap the whole set. And now stick it to the cover of the notebook.

To finish with the tutorial about how to make school notebooks we are going to decorate the outside and add a flap to secure it when we have it closed. For this closure we will use some velcro that we will glue with hot silicone. I recommend that you cover the velcro well with silicone, mainly in the corners so that it doesn’t come off in time after so much opening and closing.

And so much for our DIY today. We hope you liked the tutorial on how to make school books decorated with llamas and kawaii cactus.