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Make unique GIFT with secret code

Secret Code Gift

Secret Code Gift

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We show you an original idea to make a gift. To open it you must place a secret code by rotating the discs. Inside the cylinder you can place sweets, a small detail, a papyrus with a nice message and many things you want to give with love to a special person, it is unique for this special date: Mother’s Day or even though for any occasion will be a nice and funny surprise.

We show you how it is done in our video:

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Materials for Secret Code Gift

  • Two cardboard tubes at least 21cm long. You can use two rolls of kitchen paper or join two tubes of toilet paper (4 rolls).
  • A bigger roll like that of the Pringles chips. If you do not have, you can make 6 pieces with cereal cardboard: for each one you cut two strips of 23.2cm x 3.5cm and you paste them together. The diameter should be of 7.3cm approximately. You repeat same procedure for another 2 smaller pieces with 23.2cm x 2cm strips.
  • White glue and hot silicone
  • Rubber EVA or foamy
  • Cardboard
  • 2 sheets of colored papers
  • Download the decorative paper and template by clicking here.
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Pictures of how to make Criptex for gift

How to make special gift

Secret code template

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We hope this ideas you like them. We encourage you to make yourself and you can surprise your mommy or someone very special.

Until a next idea. Have a nice DIY!