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Notebook Organizer back to school

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An agenda is ideal at any time and especially when we start a new year or we back to school. So, today we want to show you how to make your own agenda that will not only serve to take your class notes but also your quick notes, markers, pencil, pencil sharpener, ballpens, post-it, and also it carries a transparent pocket that in turn serves te erasable board for quick notes. Finally, it has separators that you can easily put and remove of the ringed notebook, perfect to organize your ideas, subjects, homework, projects or events.

In this video we explain how to make it step by step:

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The materials you need are:

  • Hard cardboard- cardboard for binding
  • Liquid silicone (remember to spread it very well with your finger or with a brush).
  • Hot silicone
  • Goma EVA or foamy
  • Velcro (you get it in stores where they sell buttons, zippers and other accessories to make clothes and also in craft stores).
  • Cardboard
  • A notebook
  • Ribbon
  • Marker
  • Transparent tape
  • Acetate or a smooth plastic sheet like the one of the food boxes
  • Self-adhesive mini blocks or Post-It
  • STAMPED PAPERS – LABELS – FIGURES: you can DOWNLOAD them by clicking HERE
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First step, you should cut out the cardboard in the following measures:

Imagen medidasKeep in mind that the pieces are located in the same way that we showed them in the previous image. We continue lining with eva rubber the two covers of the agenda that are the largest pieces (19cm x 23cm) together with the one that is in the middle of them (3cm x 23cm). You leave a surplus on all the edges and a small space between them so that pieces can move easily.

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Then, the upper and side flaps are lined with cardboard. In this idea we leave the edges unlined and later we paint them with a marker. In this way it will be very easy to do it, you should also take into account when going to line, mark the folds very well so that the pieces can move easily. Finally, we recommend reinforcing the folds with transparent adhesive tape so that it resists the movement and does not break the card.


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To finish lining you must join the flaps to the covers and then finish covering the cardboard by pasting a cardboard with size of the rubber Eva. You should follow the same steps that we were made to line the flaps but also here you must paste the edges so that the cardboard was not seen.


Now, it is only to organize and decorate that you like it. We suggest you these options:

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In the SIDE COVER, make pockets to store your notes and small sheets.


On the opposite side, you paste your post it to have them always at hand.


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In the UPPER SCOPE you can take your markers and basic tools such as eraser and pencil sharpener. You can also have them on hand while you write in the notebook.


Additionally, in the center you have a transparent pocket to place notes of important things to remember. On the other hand, you can use as an erasable board for quick notes (be careful not to use permanent markers).

Agenda8[adinserter block=”28″] On the other side you can carry a notebook. It will be good a rings notebook so it will fit easily.


The idea is to turn a simple notebook with rings into a practical agenda to organize your ideas, subjects, projects, or events. For that, we show you in the video how to create beautiful separators that you can remove and put to easily change them.


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Decorate both sides of the dividers and you can also add pockets for greater utility, vertically or horizontally.

Agenda38[adinserter block=”27″] Agenda39In the back you can also make a pocket to carry the labels that you can use for your notes and to give more color to jobs or tasks and close you do not forget to paste an eva rubber ring to keep your pen at hand.


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And to make your agenda more unique. You decorate clips to make it even more beautiful and fun.


It only remains to make the closure with rubber Eva. Then, you decorate the cover as you like, we use a pair of ribbons and a figure.
Agenda5[adinserter block=”28″] So, you will have in this idea a super complete Agenda for your work, school or university

We hope this idea you liked. Until a next idea. Have a nice DIY!

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