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There are a lot of avocado school supplies on the market, so I thought, why not create our own avocado? and from this our AVO Avocado was born, a cute character with his rainbow belly.  Today, AVO Avocado is in our beautiful and practical pencil case, ideal for carrying our school supplies in order.  It is very simple to do, in this video I show you how to do it:


The materials are:

🥑  Cardboard

🥑  Foam

🥑  Hot glue

🥑  Markers

🥑  Velcro

🥑  Templates AVO AVOCADO, you can download here: AVO AVOCADO  


He is so so so  cute…

You could place your school supplies inside in order…

He is actually practical and gorgeous …

I hope, you love AVO Avocado.  See you soon in the next idea…